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Our Team

Andy Monfried
Founder and CEO
Jeremy Pinkham
Chief Technology Officer
Mike Woosley
Chief Operating Officer
Amy Yeung
General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer
Chris Johnson
Chief Financial Officer
Omar Abdala
Chief Data Scientist
Alex Theriault
Chief Customer Officer
Eric Hastings
Executive Vice President of Technology
Eliza Nevers
Senior Vice President, Product
Brian O'Connor
General Manager, Lotame Data Exchange
Chris Hogg
Managing Director, EMEA
Fred Marthoz
Managing Director, Asia
Luke Dickens
Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand
Gaurav Seth
Managing Director, India
Sebastian Yoffe
Managing Director, Latin America & U.S. Hispanics
Pierre Diennet
Global Partnerships
Nick Martin
Vice President, Customer Operations
Who We Are
We’re a diverse group of talented people from around the world. Collaboration and innovation come second nature, and you just won't find a more open, friendly-working environment. We guarantee it! Hear from a few Lota-mites what they value most about working here.
This is definitely some of the best culture I've been around in my professional career.
Lotame Culture: Why We Love Working at Lotame
Founder & CEO Andy Monfried sets the culture and tone on this organization. He appreciates everyone has a life outside of work and encourages a healthy work/life balance. Because he respects his employees, we respect him and the work we do, and we want to work as hard as possible to make Lotame successful. The Lota-family is hard-working, but fun-loving and generally supportive.
- a Lotame employee
I've loved it here for a very long time. The people are amazing. The challenges are exciting. The objectives are lofty and difficult, but with hard work they're achievable, which makes me motivated to be successful here. At the end of the day, I love working at Lotame.
- Lotame employee